Heaven & Earth Cup, Earth

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The Heaven & Earth series of cups comprises the four textures of earth, rock, stratum, and cloud. Each pattern uses a transfer printing technique that complements the material and glaze of each individual cup. Their organic beauty stems from a high quality of craftsmanship that is impossible through conventional transfer printing techniques alone. You’ll enjoy the unique look of this hybrid pottery as tableware, a small container, or just for interior decoration. Each piece can turn an ordinary room into a swirling universe of style. The earth pattern is inspired by images of the Earth as seen from space. Shapes include those reminiscent of our seas, forests, sands, and clouds are printed on cobalt-blue glazes.


Fire, Earth




Diameter: 3 3/16"
Height: 2 7/16"


  • Hand wash only
  • Not for use in oven
  • Not for use in microwave

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