Founded in 2016, Five Elements Home has been offering fine, handcrafted, and natural Asian housewares for modern living. We believe that the best home goods are timeless in design, meticulously crafted, and created from natural materials. In a fast-changing world, we savor items that have a contemporary sensibility but are honed with time-honored craftsmanship. Even our newest items never forget their heritage.

Guided by the Chinese philosophy of the Five Elements, or wŭ xíng (五行), we change our collections in harmony with the evolving rhythms of nature. This ever-changing and interconnected natural balance is known in Chinese as fēng shuǐ (风水). As the seasons, colors, and temperatures evolve over the course of a year, so do the collections of Five Elements Home.

Our goal is to offer you the finest products from the most talented artisans in Asia. Every season, we travel across the continent to find inspiration and to cultivate connections with talented local artisans. No two items at Five Elements Home are exactly alike, as each is handmade and handpicked. Whether it is a textile or ceramic, a blanket or bowl, a tea set or a pair of chopsticks, each item contributes a uniquely stylish and sensible ambiance to your home. And we strive for perfection all along the way: from finding the best items, to providing you with the best possible customer experience. 

Our products reflect superior attention to detail, profound respect for the cultures in which they were produced, and a genuine love of the marriage of design and functionality.


Writer, baker, and doer of all kinds of things. Enjoys going to movies alone and riding the train alone, but also enjoys hearing people talk about things they love. Sometimes very quiet, other times not at all.

Q: What is the first thing you do in the morning?
J: Lay in bed for 10 minutes or so, rubbing my eyes, stretching. Mostly trying to coax the cats back into bed with me so we can prolong the inevitable together.

Q: Why do you wear what you wear?
J: I enjoy referencing movies and people and communities I’m part of through my clothing. Most of all, I want to feel comfortable in my body and I try to use clothing as a tool to achieve that.

Q: What would be your last meal?
J: A bowl of ramen with a seasoned soft boiled egg or some really good bread.

Q: What is your secret ingredient when you cook?
J: Chinese Five Spice.

Q: In an alternate universe, what would you be doing?
J: Probably what I’m doing now, but more people would pay attention. I’d be a famous version of myself.


Korey has peanut butter toast nearly every morning, loves pickled things, and is a casual hobby drawer whose life-long desire to find the perfect trouser has recently led to enrolling in fashion school.

Q: What is the first thing you do in the morning?

K: I struggle to relax, so I like to get right out of bed, splash cold water in my face and get some coffee going then worry over what I might do that day. 

Q: Why do you wear what you wear?
K: My ideal wardrobe is unobtrusive and makes sense in the contexts of the things I do so that I can focus on my work while feeling "right". It's highly deliberate and emotional, despite how conservative it may seem.

Q: What would be your last meal?
K: So many things come to mind (biscuits and gravy) but I'll say Ramen. A really good ramen not only tastes incredible but elicits a ridiculous giddy feeling and never leaves me feeling sickly full, which might be a pleasant final course.

Q: What is your secret ingredient when you cook?
K: Coconut. Coconut flakes, coconut meat, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut oil. In biscuits, fry ups, desserts, anything. I try to include sweet with savory.

Q: In an alternate universe, what would you be doing?
K: Maybe I would've already finished school, but then again, I don't think I would've finished knowing what I'd finished. I've had so many opportunities in life, but I've chosen the ones which have led to my current conditions. That has to count for something, eh?


Forensic attention to detail. Weekend is good meals, long conversations and hugs. Bon Iver is the band. House of Games is the film. Find Yaoyu in Lake Michigan (swimming) if you do not see him in the shop. 

Q: What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Y: Opening all curtains for my house plants to enjoy some early morning sunlight.

Q: Why do you wear what you wear?
Y: It's based on what I'm doing and who I'm seeing.

Q: What would be your last meal?
Y: Shanxi noodles.

Q: What is your secret ingredient when you cook?
Y: Black vinegar.

Q: In an alternate universe, what would you be doing?
Y: A comedian, an architect, or a farmer (with my baby sheep and chickens).