Nigiri Plate

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Handmade and hand-painted square plates feature five traditional Japanese motifs. Ideal for your nigiri, seafood salad or Sunday morning pastries. 


A continuous pattern in which triangles are combined alternately. It is said to be a snake scale or a fish scale, but it was also used as a samurai costume as a "amulet" to protect the body.


A design of the feathers of birds such as hawks and eagles attached to the top of the arrow. The "pointing" arrow has long been used as an auspicious pattern.


The waves of the ocean are patterned in a fan shape. Gagaku "Qinghai wave" is the origin of the name, and people who dance Qinghai wave wear the costume of this pattern. "The Tale of Genji" depicts the scene where Hikaru Genji dances in the Qinghai wave.


By overlapping the circumferences of the circles by a quarter, the central part looks like a shining star, and the overlapping part looks like a petal. Auspicious patterns are reminiscent of prosperity, ties, and peace of the offsprings.


A pattern in which squares of different colors are arranged alternately. Similar to Western European gingham check. It has existed as a woven pattern since ancient times, but it was named "Ichimatsu" because Kabuki actor Sanogawa Ichimatsu in the middle of the Edo period loved the hakama of this pattern.


Fire, Earth




Square: 7 1/8"
Height: 1"


  • Hand wash recommended 
  • Use in oven not recommended
  • Use in microwave not recommended

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