Japanese Washi Paper Jewelry Box, Pink/Purple Floral

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These exquisite jewelry boxes are made by hand using fine Japanese wood and washi paper of the highest quality. 

Japanese washi paper is crafted in the mountains of Japan after the cold of winter has passed, so as to make use of pure water from melting snow. The icy water eliminates bacteria which would otherwise contaminate the paper. The raw material for washi paper comes from the bark of small trees similar to mulberry. The fibers undergo a lengthy process of steaming, drying, scraping, boiling, rinsing, and beating, to shorten, soften, separate, bleach, and hydrate them. They are then placed in wooden vats of cold water. A screen is plunged into the vat, lifted out, and then rhythmically shaken so the fibers cross and intertwine, making a network and giving the washi paper its strength. The sheets are placed one at a time on boards and then dried in the winter sun. The washi paper is then screen printed, once for each color, and used for various crafts.

Traditionally, boxes decorated with washi paper have been used to store fresh tea leaves. Five Elements Home is proud to offer washi jewelry boxes, designed to stand alone as artistic accents in any room of your home. The interior and the included tray are lined with velvet that matches the exterior washi paper.


Metal, Wood, Water


Metal, Wood, Washi Paper


Length: 7 3/4"
Width: 5 1/4"
Height: 4"


  • Wipe with dry cloth.

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