Indigo Tie Dye Throw, Flowers II

$ 445.00


Our artisanal tie-dye throws are handmade by a group of indigenous people in southwestern China. This group has been creating incredible tie-dye pieces using techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. Tie-dye pieces made by their ancestors used to be sent as tributes to ancient Chinese emperors. These pieces are made of cotton or cotton/linen blended fabric and use natural, plant-based dyes. Every piece is finished by hand, with additional painting, stitching, and dyeing. Every step displays artistry and mastery of a complicated craft. The unique patterns are inspired by local scenery and showcase various natural themes including tiger lily patterns, which are especially meaningful to the artisans, as they represent peace and harmony. The designs here also recall flowers, and have been made by hand-gathering small pinches of fabric for tying and dyeing. This stunning piece is perfect for using as a tablecloth, a wall hanging, a throw, a wrap, or as a beautiful accent anywhere in the house where a vibrant splash of color is needed. Because the dyes are natural and plant-based, the color may lighten slightly after the first wash.


Wood, Water 




Length: approx. 76"
Width: approx. 56 1/2"


  • Hand wash only and line dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron

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