Dai Handloom Table Runner, Elephants and Peacocks II

$ 235.00


Our artisanal throws are hand-woven by the Dai, a group of indigenous people in southwestern China. Crafted by a Dai artisan who has been weaving fabric for over 40 years, every piece is art that tells a story. The Dai people follow Theravada Buddhism and have well incorporated Buddhist beliefs, cultural symbols and elements, and daily spiritual life into handcrafted pieces. Patterns like elephants and horses were once reserved for hereditary tribal chiefs, while pagoda patterns have always been used on fabrics in the temple. Geometric patterns reflect other natural motifs such as insects and plants. Originally, the Dai people would incorporate woven cloths like this one into bedcovers, quilt covers, or for decorations. This strikingly beautiful piece lends an exotic and artistic feel to your home.


Wood, Water




Length: approx. 64"
Width: approx. 19 1/2"


  • Hand wash only and line dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron

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