Classic Chinese Wood Chopsticks, Red Sandalwood, Set of 5 Pairs

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Chopsticks, also known as zhù (箸), are an East Asian cultural staple. Our classic chopsticks embody the Chinese philosophy of tiān yuán dì fāng (天圆地方), or "Heaven is round and the earth is square", with one end of the chopsticks being round and the other being square. This feature also prevents chopsticks from rolling. Sturdy and comfortable in the hand, they impart an enchanting Asian presence to your meals. They are excellent for everyday use.

This item is non-returnable for sanitary reasons.




Red Sandalwood


Length: 9 7/8"


  • Hand wash only (usually just rinsing and hand drying is sufficient)
  • Wash with warm water before first use and optionally apply vegetable oil or peanut oil to protect the wood and bring out the natural beauty of the wood

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