Chinese Red Packet, Five Blessings Hong Bao, Assorted, Pack of 5

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In Chinese folklore, the 'five blessings' represent five gods, or five fortunes. Illustrated with hand-drawn designs, these cards are prefect for celebrating important life events. The red envelope itself (hóng bāo, 红包) in Chinese tradition is usually filled with money, but of course you can fill it with a hand-written note, a gift card, a photo, a small trinket, or anything else that lets you communicate your wishes of good fortune. The Chinese character (福) means happiness or good fortune, and is commonly used to wish someone well on all kinds of varied occasions. The Chinese character (禄) means great career and thus this card is ideal for career-related occasions, especially when securing an interview, a job offer, or a promotion. The Chinese character shòu (寿) means long life. It is ideal for wishing someone a happy birthday, and is ususally given from a younger person to an elderly person, such as a grandparent, as a sign of respect and goodwill. The Chinese character (囍) means happiness, and is especially suited for wishing a couple happiness and good fortune at their wedding. The Chinese character cái (财) means wealth. It is especially suited for wishing someone well when it comes to their business ventures or professional endeavors. Recepients will appreicate your creativity and thoughtfulness.


Wood, Water




Length: 7"
Width: 3 3/4"

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