Awaji Island Koh-shi Japanese Incense, The Four Seasons Series

$ 13.50


Koh-shi is word for the person in charge of the entire process of incense making, from the mixing stage to the bundling stage. In other words, a koh-shi is an incense master.

Awaji Island incense is born from traditional incense manufacturing methods, strict quality management and the skill and pride of the koh-shi. This is the deep world of incense that simply can not be imitated by modern mass production methods. 

Awaji Island holds a special place in the Japanese archipelago. For 160 years it has been the preeminent place in Japan for the unbroken and unflagging pursuit of perfection in incense sticks. 

To celebrate these 160 years, Awaji Koh-shi have produced a selection of incenses that express the four seasons.

Each incense stick is 5 3/8".


Wood, Fire




Length: 5 7/8"
Width: 2"
Height: 1/2"


  • Handle lit incense with care
  • Keep away from mouth
  • Use only for intended purpose

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