Thisispaper Magazine Issue Two

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Issue Two is about stepping into the world of unique individuals, contemporary or historical, in a lot of different ways: quite literally by visiting their studios, or methaporically by exploring them through their work. Whatever the way, we were seeking sincerity, passion and thoughtfulness, and we found them. More than in the Inaugural Issue, in Issue Two we focused on shedding light on the work of the Polish artists who deserve international recogniction.

Faustine Steinmetz and 6a Architects invite us into their studios and speak at length about their creative process. The Italian duo Studiopepe talks about how they manage to stick to their distinctive, surrealist style while working on various commercial projects. Two very different Polish photographers are portrayed: Bownik, a contemporary photographer with a mysterious aura and a flair for scientific experiments, and Zofia Rydet, who took a unique approach to photographing children in post-war Poland. We also visit the modernist villa of Bohdan Lachert, one of the most prominent Polish pre-war architects, in Warsaw's Saska Kepa.

What is special about Issue Two is the way we, the Thisispaper Studio, share our thoughts on living a healthy and fullfiling life, with our Guide to Everyday Excercise and an introductory course of culturing your own Good Bacteria.

Thisispaper Magazine Issue Two is a limited edition of 2000 numbered copies. The publication is advert-free and perfect bound.

High-quality uncoated fine paper / English and Polish / 24 x 18.5cm / 144 Pages / Printed in Poland.

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