Thisispaper Magazine Issue Three

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The long awaited Issue Three has brought about some changes, both in the magazine’s design and content. One thing is that it’s smaller, lighter and more affordable that the previous ones; another—that it’s also more Polish. To strengthen our bond with our roots, we’ve decided to include Polish translations of articles at the end, and focus more on bringing local artists to international attention. We’re starting with visiting the home of Hanna Rechowicz, a Warsaw-based artist whose surreal works are celebrated much too rarely. 

Internationally, we continue to explore the worlds of the creatives whose work captures our hearts. This time, we visited Berlin to speak to Eike König and Thomas Bendel, London to see the studios of Huge Strange and Cherevichkiotvichki, and even remote Tokyo for a rare glimpse inside the office of Torafu Architects.

High-quality coated fine paper / English and Polish / 20.5 x 14.5cm / 144 Pages / Printed in Poland.

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