Thisispaper Magazine Issue Four

$ 18.00


Available in 3 different covers: Opsvik, Hansens, Kasper-Florio.

How do you create an inspiring workplace? How does the space we work in influence our health? Can the workspace boost your creativity and well-being? To answer these questions we reached out to experts in the field. On a micro level, Peter Opsvik told us the story of his ergonomic chairs; on a macro—Rosan Bosch talked to us about designing workspaces for big corporate clients, including every kid’s favorite, Lego. 

Speaking of spaces, it just so happens that the Polish accents in this issue are all about interiors. From homes (furniture start-up Tylko), to holiday retreats (Oskar and Zofia Hansen’s house in Szumin), to artist studios (Avant-garde Institute), we show how the country’s leading artists of the XXth century lived and worked, and how the new generation has the ambition to conquer the international markets with a clever mix of technology and design.

High-quality coated and uncoated fine paper / English and Polish / 20.5 x 14.5cm / 128 Pages / Printed in Poland.

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