Chinese Red Packet, Five Blessings Hong Bao, Shou, Pack of 5

$ 12.00


In Chinese folklore, the 'five blessings' represent five gods, or five fortunes. Illustrated with hand-drawn designs, this card is prefect for recognizing important life events. The Chinese character shòu (寿) means long life. It is ideal for wishing someone a happy birthday, and is ususally given from a younger person to an elderly person, such as a grandparent, as a sign of respect and goodwill. The red envelope itself (hóng bāo, 红包) in Chinese tradition is usually filled with money, but of course you can fill it with a hand-written note, a gift card, a photo, a small trinket, or anything else that lets you communicate your wishes of good fortune. 


Wood, Water




Length: 7"
Width: 3 3/4"

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