Awaji Island Koh-shi Japanese Incense, Samurai

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Koh-shi is word for the person in charge of the entire process of incense making, from the mixing stage to the bundling stage. In other words, a koh-shi is an incense master.

Awaji Island incense is born from traditional incense manufacturing methods, strict quality management and the skill and pride of the koh-shi. This is the deep world of incense that simply can not be imitated by modern mass production methods. 

“The way of the samurai” is a way of action and deportment that has been handed down in samurai households over the generations. It conveys the stance of preparedness which stems from the very heart of the samurai ethic. It is a spiritual philosophy of mental and physical self-discipline, unflagging devotion to the cause, the seeking of harmony, and the protection of the weak.

The integrity with which Awaji Island Koh-shi explore aroma is comparable with the dignity and bearing of the samurai.The infinite passion for aroma and seasoned skills of these Koh-shi culminate in this collection of incenses, complete with the names of incense masters.

Each product is imbued with the creatorʼs pride in and responsibility for his work. Awaji Island, the greatest producer of aromas in Japan, delivers to all incense aficionados the Bushiden collection from the Japanese Fragrances Series.


Wood, Fire




Length: 6 1/4"
Width: 4"
Height: 1/4"


  • Handle lit incense with care
  • Keep away from mouth
  • Use only for intended purpose

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