Awaji Island Soy Wax Candle with Natural Wooden Wick

$ 18.00


Our Awaji Island Soy Wax Candles are created using traditional candle manufacturing methods, including strict quality management and incorporating the skill and pride of Japanese craftsmanship. This is the deep world of candles that simply can not be imitated by modern mass production methods. 

These candles provide a steady, even burn while showcasing the crackling sound of miniature fire. The collection features authentic and heavenly Japanese fragrances, including Bamboo (竹), Cypress (日の木) and Fragrant Olive (金木犀)

Each soy wax candle is 2.5" in diameter and 1" tall, with a 1/2" flat natural wooden wick.


Wood, Fire


Soy Wax, Wood


Diameter: 2 3/4"
Height: 1 1/4"


  • Handle lit candle with care.
  • Keep away from mouth.
  • Use only for intended purpose.

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